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Abraham Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address Address - Historical - 1835 Address - July 4th - 1822, Connecticut Benjamin Franklin's letter to Thomas Paine Discourse - July 4th - 1796, Massachusetts Discourse - July 4th - 1798, Connecticut Dissertation - Right & Obligation of Civil Magistrate - 1804 Elias Boudinot's Age of Revelation The Founders As Christians The Founders on Gambling George Washington's Farewell Address "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" Importance of Morality and Religion in Government The Importance of Voting and Christian Involvement in the Political Arena John Jay on the Biblical View of War Letters Between the Danbury Baptists and Thomas Jefferson Oration - July 4th - 1787, New York Oration - July 4th - 1796, Massachusetts Oration - July 4th - 1801, Massachusetts Oration - July 4th - 1804 Oration - July 4th - 1808 Oration - July 4th - 1810 Oration - July 4th - 1810, Massachusetts Oration - July 4th - 1812, Massachusetts Oration - July 4th - 1826, Massachusetts Oration- July 4th- 1837 Oration-July 4th- 1826 Proclamation - Humiliation and Prayer - 1812 Qualifications for Public Office Sermon - Artillery - Boston, 1809 Sermon - Century - 1801 Sermon - Century - 1801 Sermon - Century - 1801 Sermon - Christian Love - 1773 Sermon - Christian Patriot - Boston, 1840 Sermon - Christmas - 1841 Sermon - Christmas - 1844 Sermon - Communism in Churches - c. 1960 Sermon - Dueling - Albany, 1838 Sermon - Easter - 1910 Sermon - Election - 1775 Sermon - Election - 1783 Sermon - Election - 1788 Sermon - Election - 1790 Sermon - Election - 1791 Sermon - Election - 1792 Sermon - Election - 1792 Sermon - Election - 1796 Sermon - Election - 1800 Sermon - Election - 1803 Sermon - Election - 1805 Sermon - Election - 1812 Sermon - Election - 1814 Sermon - Election - 1816 Sermon - Election - 1818 Sermon - Execution of Richard Doane - Hartford, 1797 Sermon - Fasting - 1798 Sermon - Fasting - 1798, Massachusetts Sermon - Fasting - 1799 Sermon - Fasting - 1812 Sermon - Fasting - 1812 Sermon - Fasting - 1812 Sermon - George Washington's Birthday - 1863 Sermon - Great Fire in Boston - Boston, 1760 Sermon - The Infirmities and Comforts of Old Age - 1805 Sermon - July 4th - 1794 Sermon - Liberty - Philadelphia, 1775 Sermon - Marriage - 1837 Sermon - Memorial Day Sermon - Memorial Day Sermon - Memorial Day - 1875 Sermon - Modern Emigrant - 1832 Sermon - Moral View of Rail Roads - 1851 Sermon - People Responsible for Character of Rulers - 1895 Sermon - Solar Eclipse - West Springfield, 1806 Sermon - Thanksgiving - 1783 Massachusetts Sermon - Thanksgiving - 1795 Massachusetts Sermon - Thanksgiving - 1795 Pennsylvania Sermon - Thanksgiving - 1795 Philadelphia Sermon - Thanksgiving - 1798 Connecticut Sermon - Thanksgiving - 1803 Connecticut Sermon - Thanksgiving - 1850 New York Sermon - Thanksgiving - 1852 Massachusetts Sermon - Thanksgiving - 1864 Connecticut Sermon - The Voice of Warning to Christians - 1800 Should Christians - Or Ministers - Run For Office? Thomas Paine Criticizes the Current Public School Science Curriculum
The 2010 Election: The News Inside the News 4th of July Article Advancing the Sanctity of the Unborn Life in the Ft. Hood Massacre Affidavit in Support of the Ten Commandments African American History Resources The Aitken Bible and Congress America's Religious Heritage As Demonstrated in Presidential Inaugurations America’s Most Biblically-Hostile U. S. President The American Revolution: Was it an Act of Biblical Rebellion? American Voters and the Abortion Issue Analyzing Legislation Benjamin Rush Dream about John Adams and Thomas Jefferson The Bible and Taxes The Bible, Slavery, and America's Founders A Black Patriot: Wentworth Cheswell Calling Muslims to the Capitol? Celebrating Thanksgiving In America A Christian Voter Intimidation Letter from Americans United for Separation of Church and State Christmas With the Presidents Christmas-As Celebrated by the Presidents Church in the U.S. Capitol Churches And Elections - What Is The Law? Confronting Civil War Revisionism: Why The South Went To War Congress, the Culture, and Christian Voting A Constitutional Amendment Restoring Religious Freedom David Barton on President's Day Deconstructionism and the Left Defending The Jefferson Lies: David Barton Responds to his Conservative Critics Did George Washington Actually Say "So Help Me God" During His Inauguration? Echoes of 1860: Is "Life" a Question of State's Rights? Election 2004: A Moral Mandate? Election Resources and Information Electoral College: Preserve or Abolish? Ensuring Judicial Accountability For State Judges Evolution and the Law: “A Death Struggle Between Two Civilizations” Five Judicial Myths The Founders And Public Religious Expressions The Founding Fathers on Creation and Evolution The Founding Fathers on Jesus, Christianity and the Bible The Founding Fathers and Slavery Franklin’s Appeal for Prayer at the Constitutional Convention Frequently Asked Questions Futile Intimidation Attempts George Washington, Thomas Jefferson & Slavery in Virginia God: Missing in Action from American History A Godless Constitution?: A Response to Kramnick and Moore Guns, Kids and Critics H.RES. 888 Health Care and the Constitution Hobby Lobby - They Got It Right Homosexuals in the Military Houses of Worship Free Speech Restoration Act How You Can Be Involved Impeachment of Federal Judges In Hoc Anno Domini Is President Obama Correct: Is America No Longer a Christian Nation? James Madison and Religion in Public The Jefferson Lies: Taking on the Critics John Adams: Was He Really an Enemy of Christians? Addressing Modern Academic Shallownes John Locke – A Philosophical Founder of America John Locke: Deist or Theologian? Judges: Should they be Elected or Appointed? Letter to Pastors about Welfare Comment on Beck Radio Show Limiting an Overreaching Federal Government: Is State Nullification the Solution? The Meaning of Thanksgiving Meet The ACLU MexicoPolicyLetter "One Nation Under God" Political Parties and Morality Potential Constitutional Problems With H.R. 3590 Private Property Rights Resolution Recommended Reading List Religious Acknowledgments in the Capitol Visitor Center Republic v. Democracy A Review of A&E’s "The Crossing" Revisionism: How to Identify It In Your Children's Textbooks Sample Letters to the Editor The Separation of Church and State Solving the Pledge of Allegiance Controversy Statement: David Barton on The Jefferson Lies Steps for Viewing Candidates Scorecards The Story of the Star Spangled Banner Taking On The Critics A Tale of Two Constitutions Ten Commandments Displays Ten Steps To Change America Tea Parties- Same Song, Second Verse Testimony of David Barton on Global Warming Testimony on Global Warming Thanksgiving in America Thomas Jefferson and Religion at the University of Virginia Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: The Search for Truth Treaty of Tripoli Unconfirmed Quotation: Franklin Principles of Primitive Christianity Unconfirmed Quotations War on God in America Was George Washington a Christian? The White House Attack on Religion Continues: Repealing Conscience Protection Why Christians Must Vote in This Election Your Vote Counts Video
A Soldier and a President 2011 Election Information 2011 ProFamily Legislators Conference Addressing Mass Murder and Violent Crime American History: Bachmann v. Stephanopoulos Are You Smarter Than a Fourth Grader? The Barbary Powers Wars A Call to Action Celebrate Columbus Day! Celebrate Constitution Day! Celebrate with Prayer! Celebrating Abigail Adams Celebrating Black History Month: The Rev. Francis J. Grimke Christmas Resolutions (2007) Congressional Prayer Caucus Conscience Protection Amendment - Call Your Senator Today! Conscience Protection Amendment Update The Constitution and the Minority - What Does it All Mean? The Cost of Signing the Declaration of Independence Daniel Webster: The Defender of the U.S. Constitution Deconstructionism Dr. Benjamin Rush The Founders on the Second Amendment Founding Fathers on Prayer The Four Chaplains Free to Speak George Washington's Birthday Getting Out the Vote A God-Given Inalienable Right A God-Given Inalienable Right Under Direct Attack Happy Fourth of July! Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving! An Historic Look at Easter Honor a Veteran! The Jefferson Lies Join the Black Robe Regiment today! The Lesser Known Boudinot The Mayflower and Presidents - What do they have in common? National Bible Week 2007 NBC's "George Washington" and Spielberg's "Lincoln" Noah Webster President Eisenhower's One Nation Under God The Pulpit Initiative The Real Story Behind Old Glory Register Congregations to Vote! Remember the "date which will live in infamy" this Christmas Season Remembering Pearl Harbor Remembering the Reason for Christmas The Response: A Call to Prayer For a Nation in Crisis The Response: An Historic Event Restoring Courage: Standing in Solidarity With Israel Sanctity of Human Life Day A Secular Oath? A Southern View of Black History? Thanksgiving 2007 Their Lives, Fortunes and Sacred Honor: Richard Stockton This Day in History: D-Day The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - A Forgotten History? Vindicating American Exceptionalism The Webster Regiment Which President earned the nickname "Old Man Eloquent"? Who was known as “First in war, First in peace, First in the hearts of his countrymen”? World Trade Center Cross
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Spring 2007 Newsletter     PDF
By David Barton - 05/31/2007
Good News From the Federal Judiciary.
Winter 2006     PDF
By David Barton - 01/2007
An Historical Perspective on a Muslim in Congress.
Summer 2006     PDF
By David Barton - 06/2006
Celebrating America's Birthday plus Famous July Fourth Orations
Spring 2006     PDF
By David Barton - 03/2006
Good News from the Front Lines of the Culture War
Black History Issue 2006     PDF
By David Barton - 01/2006
The Civil War: Honoring Courageous Soldiers
Winter 2005     PDF
By David Barton - 12/2005
Inside Election 2004: A Moral Mandate?/The War in Iraq
Summer 2005     PDF
By David Barton - 07/2005
The Current State of American Education
Black History Issue 2005     PDF
By David Barton - 01/2005
Honoring Godly Heroes
Black History Issue 2004     PDF
By David Barton - 02/2004
Black Patriots of the American Revolution
Winter 2004     PDF
By David Barton - 02/2004
A Cultural Update
Spring 2003     PDF
By David Barton - 04/2003
The Pledge of Allegiance Strike Two!/A Presidential Profile
Dwight D. Eisenhower - A Presidential Profile
By David Barton - 03/01/2003
Reprinted from a 1959 Readers Digest School Reader, condensed and adapted from a Guideposts article.
Black History Issue 2003     PDF
By David Barton - 03/2003
A History of Black Voting Rights
Winter 2003     PDF
By David Barton - 01/2003
The November Elections
Fall 2002     PDF
By David Barton - 10/2002
Winning The Culture War In America
Spring 2002     PDF
By David Barton - 03/2002
Education Issue
Black History Issue 2002
By David Barton - 03/2002
2002 Black History Issue
January 2002
By David Barton - 01/2002
Good News! - Across America
SPECIAL EDITION September 11, 2001
By David Barton - 01/2002
Lessons from the September Terrorist Attacks
Winter 2001
By David Barton - 12/2001
Eight Positive Results of Election 2000
Spring 2001
By David Barton - 03/2001
A New Tone in Washington/The Changing Face of American Culture/Specific Bible Knowledge Declining/Continuing Effects of Election 2000/A New Flag for an Old State
Black History Issue 2001
By David Barton - 01/01/2001
African-Americans & Election 2000
Winter 2000
By David Barton - 12/2000
"God, Government, and the Preservation of Life/Littleton: The Aftermath/Religious Liberties Under Attack--Again!/The Ten Commandments: Up by Popular Demand"
Summer 2000
By David Barton - 06/2000
The Supreme Court: Creating a Nation at Risk/Good News From Across the Country/Teachers & Lawyers: Better Representation/Judge Upholds Right to Pray at Capitol
Spring 2000
By David Barton - 03/2000
"Preserving Traditional Marriage/The Federal Courts & Partial Birth Abortions/Laugh or Cry?/Christmas: Past & Present/Announcements/Celebrating the National, and State, Day of Prayer"
Winter 1999
By David Barton - 12/1999
"Strong Families and Strong Societies/President Clinton and a Four-Century American Tradition/Here Comes Another ""Scandal""/The Numbers Behind the 1998 Elections"
Fall 1999
By David Barton - 09/1999
Good News! Sort of/President Rebuked/The Courts on Prayer/Evolution vs. Creation
Summer 1999
By David Barton - 06/1999
Responding to Littleton: A Tale of Two Philosophies/Executive Orders/Recent Decisions From Courts That Got it Right
Spring 1999
By David Barton - 03/1999
A New Acquisition/Expanding the Message/Standing Up for the Ten Commandments/America's Godly Heritage Around the World/Judges & the Culture War
Black History Issue 1998
By David Barton - 12/1998
Black History Month: Honoring Godly Heroes
Fall 1998
By David Barton - 09/1998
Thanksgiving in America/A Biblical and Historical Perspective on the Clinton Scandal/High Crimes and Misdemeanors/Meet a Friend: The National Council on Bible Curriculum in Public Schools
Late Summer 1998
By David Barton - 08/1998
A “Do Nothing Congress”? Says Who?
Summer 1998
By David Barton - 06/1998
"Will We Go Forward, Or Go Back?/Remembering the Fourth of July"
Spring 1998
By David Barton - 03/1998
The 1998 Legislative Agenda/Censorship!/Act—and Pray/New Debates Over Old Laws
Winter 1997
By David Barton - 12/1997
Inside the 1996 Elections An Historical Perspective/The National Legal Foundation
Summer 1997
By David Barton - 06/1997
Judicial Accountability Update/Final Wording for the Religious Freedom Amendment/Public Celebrations of Jesus March On
Spring 1997
By David Barton - 03/1997
Whatever Happened to the School Prayer Amendment?/How You Can Help/The Providence Foundation
Winter 1996
By David Barton - 12/1996
Religious Founders? Read Their Writings
Fall 1996
By David Barton - 09/1996
Thanksgivings in America/Partial-Birth Abortions/Outstanding Achievements
Summer 1996
By David Barton - 06/1996
"The Runaway Branch/Remember to say ""Thank You""/A Word to the Wise"
Spring 1996
By David Barton - 03/1996
Media Bias or Worldview Conflict?: A Matter of Perspective/Food for Thought: A Correct Biblical Response is Essential
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