Although we are in the midst of the Christmas season, the first presidential primary will occur in Iowa less than two weeks after Christmas Day, so the campaigns remain in full swing throughout the holidays, with the candidates appearing in various venues across the state.

During one recent campaign stop, candidate Michele Bachmann stated that George Washington had said “So help me God” when sworn in at his inauguration. She was promptly attacked by various news writers and bloggers who claimed that she was wrong.

In 2009, when noted atheist Michael Newdow filed suit to prevent Chief Justice Roberts from using the phrase while administering the presidential oath, Newdow claimed that the phrase had not become part of presidential inaugurations until Chester A. Arthur in 1881. For some inexplicable reason, his claim has received traction over the past three years – hence the challenge to Bachmann.

Because this furor over the use of “So help me God” has not diminished but rather has increased, we wanted to bring some historical clarity to this issue. We therefore just released a new report both to help combat the critics and to equip traditional Americans to defend the historical use of this legal phrase.

And allow us to say thank you! – We truly appreciate your generosity and all that you have done throughout 2011 to help WallBuilders “present America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious, and constitutional foundations.” (If you’re interested, you can view a number of projects with which we’re involved.)

Merry Christmas! – and may God bless!