Jonathan Trumbull (1710-1785) was a Governor of the Colony of Connecticut for many years, serving before, during, and after the American War for Independence. (The Trumbull family was very influential in Connecticut, and one of his sons also became governor of the state.)

This letter, dated February 16, 1782 requests payment for Chaplain Horn, who served in Brigadier General David Waterbury’s Brigade.


State of Connecticut

By the Governor

To the Committee of Pay-Tables at Hartford

Please to draw bonds on the Treasury in favors of the Rev. John Horn, Chaplain to B. General Waterbury’s Brigade, for his pay – via one month and twenty days pay, on the pay table, payable 1st March cash and another of three months pay, on the half crown. Tax payable 1st December last and charge the some to him – By Requst of the Governor and Council of Safety – Given at Hartford 16th Feby 1782

Jonth Trumbull


* Originally published: Dec. 31, 2016.