Teaching Lechery and Getting Lechers

Another day and yet more and more claims of sexual assault flood the news. NBC announced Wednesday its firing of Matt Lauer. Axios reports that, in addition to Mr. Lauer, the list of sexual miscreants now includes the likes of celebrity chef John Besh, Comedian Louis C.K, Cinefamily executives Hadrian Belove and Shadie Elnashai, actor [...]

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Pearl Harbor Day

Seventy-six years ago today, on December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor was treacherously attacked by the Japanese, killing more than 2,000. This date was described by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as “a date which will live in infamy.” It was the worst naval disaster in American history, and brought declarations of war by Japan, Germany, and [...]

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Trump Refuses to Back Down, Openly Reminds Country That Christmas Is About Jesus

President Donald Trump reminded everyone in the nation during the White House tree lighting that Jesus is the reason for the Christmas season. As recorded on The White House website, the lighting ceremony took place on Nov. 30. President Trump carried on White House tradition and spoke at the ceremony. Without hesitation or embarrassment, he took the [...]

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Pearl Harbor – Orders of the Day for the USS California

The USS California (a battleship stationed in the Pacific) was one of the eight battleships sunk at Pearl Harbor. During the attack on December 7, 1941, it took three direct hits -- two torpedoes and one bomb, killing over 100 crew. The California caught fire and the remainder of the crew made their way to [...]

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Church in the U.S. Capitol

Many people are surprised to learn that the United States Capitol regularly served as a church building; a practice that began even before Congress officially moved into the building and lasted until well after the Civil War. Below is a brief history of the Capitol's use as a church, and some of the prominent individuals [...]

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The Fastest Growing “Religion” in America

Disciples should stand out in a crowd today more than ever. A new religion has infiltrated the hearts and minds of not only American culture but of America’s churches. What was once simply an inherent trait of human nature running directly counter to the central characteristic of a disciple of Jesus Christ has now been [...]

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American Revolution – Letter by Governor Jonathan Trumbull

Jonathan Trumbull (1710-1785) was a Governor of the Colony of Connecticut for many years, serving before, during, and after the American War for Independence. (The Trumbull family was very influential in Connecticut, and one of his sons also became governor of the state.) This letter, dated February 16, 1782 requests payment for Chaplain Horn, who [...]

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Sermons by Chaplains

American War for Independence Chaplains  Thomas Allen (1743-1810) Thomas Allen volunteered as a chaplain during the revolutionary war and took up arms in the Battle of Bennington. Election Sermon (1808)   Manasseh Cutler (1742-1823) Manasseh Cutler served as military chaplain for multiple American units during the Revolutionary War. A Fasting Sermon (1799) A Century Church [...]

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Benjamin Rush Dream about John Adams and Thomas Jefferson

The Dream of Dr. Benjamin Rush & God’s Hand in Reconciling John Adams and Thomas Jefferson One of the more bitter aspects of the retirement of John Adams from the presidency in 1800 was the fact that several of those with whom he had early co-labored during the Revolution had become his fervent adversaries. This [...]

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A Defence of the Use of the Bible in Schools

The following is part of the transcript from a letter written in 1791, which was published by the American Tract Society in 1830. To purchase the whole text of Dr. Rush's letter, see The Bible in Schools pamphlet that can be found in the WallBuilders store. Dear Sir: It is now several months since I [...]

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