Celebrating First Amendment Rights

Religious Freedom Day is celebrated in America each year on January 16 -- the date of the 1786 passage of Thomas Jefferson's Virginia Statute of Religious Freedom. That measure ended the state-established church in Virginia and for the first time placed all denominations on the same legal footing. That act fully protected the right of [...]

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The Four Chaplains

What these four have in common is that they were all chaplains; all four loved and served God; and all four voluntarily sacrificed their own lives to help soldiers survive the sinking of the U.S.A.T (United States Army Transport) Dorchester. In the midst of World War II, the Dorchester, moving troops from America to Europe, [...]

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National Bible Week 2007

A number of Congressmen recently delivered speeches on the importance of National Bible Week. Below, we have placed a link so that you can view one of those speeches -- that of U. S. Rep. Bill Sali (Idaho). We think that you will find this clip quite refreshing, for it certainly is not a view [...]

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Thanksgiving 2007

  The tradition of Thanksgiving as a time to focus on God and His blessings dates back almost four centuries in America. While such celebrations occurred at Cape Henry, Virginia as early as 1607, it is from the Pilgrims that we derive the current tradition of Thanksgiving.Following their first winter in America, the Pilgrims reaped [...]

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Christmas Resolutions (2007)

As Christmas approaches, there are three items I would like to call to your attention. 1. The U. S. House just passed a resolution introduced by Rep. Steve King (IA) recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith (H. Res 847). It is a wonderfully written and powerfully worded recognition not only of the [...]

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Sanctity of Human Life Day

The infamous Roe v. Wade decision that made abortion-on-demand a national policy was handed down by the Supreme Court on January 22, 1973. Every year since, pro-life gatherings across the country are held on that day as a memorial. As part of this year's observance, President Bush issued a National Sanctity of Human Life Day [...]

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A Call to Action

Grace and peace be multiplied to you through the knowledge of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! (2 Peter 1:2) In the latter months of 2007, there was a flurry of incidents attempting to censor America's religious heritage (e.g., the capstone at the Washington Monument, the flag folding ceremony in the Veterans' Department, the flag [...]

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George Washington’s Birthday

This Friday, February 22, is George Washington's birthday. (Long celebrated as a separate national holiday, today his birthday is honored along with the other Presidents on what is now called President's Day.) Probably no individual outside of Jesus Christ had a greater impact on American life and culture. As President Calvin Coolidge acknowledged nearly a [...]

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An Historic Look at Easter

This Sunday is Easter -- perhaps the most important date on the Christian calendar, for had there been no resurrection of Jesus Christ, Christianity would have very little to commend it from other religions whose founders still lie in their graves. As the Apostle Paul affirmed in Romans 1:4: "He was declared to be the [...]

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Vindicating American Exceptionalism

America has a wonderful spiritual and constitutional legacy. It is no surprise that Secularists, Atheists, Leftists, and Liberals have relentlessly attacked every aspect of that heritage. They must sever citizens from a knowledge of their true history if they are to succeed in moving the country in a new direction. Such attacks are to be [...]

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