How Can I Help?

Across America, commemorative days, weeks, and months are common and occur by the dozens, touching nearly every area of interest, ranging from ethnic commemorations (black history and Hispanic history) to medical issues (diabetes awareness and breast cancer awareness) to education (teacher appreciation and Catholic Schools week) to hobbies (amateur radio and fishing) to sexual behaviors (LGBT) and so forth. Each is designed to bring awareness to particular aspects of our culture or heritage.

Christian Heritage Week is an opportunity to help raise awareness and educate our communities to the importance of America’s Christian heritage. Hundreds of official proclamations declaring Christian Heritage Week have been issued by governors, state legislatures, mayors, and local political bodies and officials. Each one provides an opportunity for citizens to highlight the many positive contributions of Christian faith throughout America’s rich history.

You can be a significant influence in get a Christian Heritage Week declared in your area. It’s easy!

  1. Send a letter to your Governor, state senator, state representative, mayor, and local school board, asking each of them for a proclamation to honor and recognize “Christian Heritage Week.” Here’s a sample letter you can send them, or simply point them to the website for hundreds of previous proclamations. Click the link to find out how to contact your governor, state legislatures, or google “[name of your city] contact mayor”.
  2. Once any official has issued a proclamation, contact your local churches, schools, and civic organizations to let them know about this week. Be sure to point them to the five historical lessons on our website that provide great information and resources that all citizens should know about America’s Christian heritage.
  3. When any official declares a week, please notify us at [email protected] and include a copy or picture of the official proclamation so that we can add it to the website.

Let’s continue to share the importance of America’s Christian Heritage and make sure future generations are aware of our rich spiritual heritage under God!