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Now hold on a minute, you might think that studying and learning more about the Constitution and its core principles would be boring. And normally you would be correct, but only if you’ve never had the chance to learn from David Barton. As a lawyer and constitutional expert, Rick Green knows first hand that studying the Constitution can be painfully boring, but it doesn’t have to be.

Rick and David know that no one, including them, wants to sit through a boring lecture given by a mono-tone professor like the Ben Stein character in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This isn’t how to learn effectively about any subject, no matter whether it is waterskiing or advanced neurobiology. And yes, this counts for learning about the Constitution as well.
We know that no one wants to sit through a boring, dry and mechanical lecture on the Constitution.

Consitution ALIVE! - The Citzen's Guide
That is why we’ve created the Constitution ALIVE! – The Citizen’s Guide. Our goal was nothing less than to create a fun, engaging and easy way to learn about the US Constitution. Rick was bored with history in college and law school until he discovered the exciting, engaging, & inspiring works of David Barton that bring history to life and apply it to our nation today. And now, Constitution Alive! covers the key principles that make the US Constitution the most remarkable political document of all time. We will skip the boredom, the confusion and all the rest of the mind-numbing horror you would expect to get from a college lecture. We’ve extracted all the bad and pumped in a whole lot of good! The end result is that we did something that most thought was impossible; we made learning about the Constitution not just fun…but fun AND exciting!

Studying the Constituion at Independence Hall
Imagine studying the Constitution in the very room where the Founding Father’s framed the document
… Independence Hall!


Rick Green and David Barton
Imagine studying the original documents of the Founding Fathers in the amazing
WallBuilders library!

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Who Could Use This “Quick Start Guide” to the Constitution?

  • When you get a new tv or computer home, do you toss the big thick user manual and go for the glossy fold out “quick start guide” with pictures? (just like most of us!) Want to learn more about the Constitution? Then this is the course for you.
  • Want to be entertained? Then you’ve come to the right place.
  • Want to blow away your friends and family with your amazing knowledge and insight into the Constitution?

And, yes, it is also for smart people who don’t want to sit through boring and dry lectures!!


Rick Green isn't your typical boring professor

Look at it this way, constitutional experts David Barton & Rick Green did all the suffering for you!They sat through all the boring lectures and read all the stuffy books on the Constitution. All the while they were wishing that there was a different, better and even fun way to learn about the Constitution.

Having traveled the nation for 15 years speaking on the principles of American Liberty to more than a million people in live audiences, David & Rick have been thrilled to see the recent explosion of interest in our founding documents. But they have also noticed that even the most passionate freedom fighters do not have the time or patience to endure the typical approach to learning about the Constitution. So they set out to create an inspiring, empowering, and effective Constitution Course… one that makes learning about the Constitution fun and pain free, and also leaves you with real action steps on what to do about saving our republic! Now, you can take advantage of David & Rick’s knowledge and make sure that all those years of suffering are put to great use.


Why are David Barton & Rick Green the Men for This Job?
Rick Green and David Barton

David Barton is widely considered one of the foremost experts on America’s Founding alive today. Congressment call him a “national treasure” because of familiarity with the Founders after 30 years of dedicated research and his unmatched ability to communicate the original intent of the Founders. David’s library of original founding era documents and artifacts is the largest private collection in the world. His gifted style of bringing history to life has amazed and inspired live audiences across America for years. He is in high demand as an expert consultant to state boards of education, pastors, dozens of U.S. Congressmen & Senators, and hundres of state legislators across the nation. David’s commentary applying both Biblical and historical perspective to the hottest issues of the day is heard daily through WallBuilders Live! radio on 200 stations around America. Now, through Constitution Alive!, you can learn directly from David Barton as he brings the original intent of the Founders to life.

Rick Green SpeakingRick Green is a constitutional expert and one of the nation’s top speakers on the Constitution (and, yes, has a passion for helping others avoid dry redundant lectures at all cost!) In just the last two years alone, he has taught his informative Constitution class to over 5,000 people across the nation. In addition, Green is the host of Wallbuilders Live Nationally Syndicated Radio Show, has been a guest on the Glenn Beck Show with David Barton and is a former member of the Texas Legislature.

Rick Green’s passion resides in helping others understand the US Constitution and its role in our future as a great and resilient nation whose best days are still ahead of us. However, to reach brighter and better days, it is necessary that our nation remains firmly rooted in the principles of America’s Founding, which is nothing less than the blueprint for American success.

You don’t have to spend months learning about the Constitution.Instead you can learn a tremendous amount about the Constitution and do it quickly thanks to Rick’s 8 hour Constitution Course! Simply stated, this course will allow you to understand the US Constitution in a way that you never thought possible!!

This Course is for Anyone Concerned About Civil & Religious Liberties

If you are concerned, perplexed or troubled by the direction of the country and the encroachment upon our liberties, then this 12 hour Constitution Course will help give you a deeper understanding of the Constitution and do so in a way that is easy to understand, easy to remember, quickly digested, and easy to apply.

David Barton & Rick Green cover these important points in a FUN and INNOVATIVE WAY in this 12 hour Constitution Course:

  • The Enumerated, Limited Powers of the Federal Government. Yes, the Constitution specifically spells out the powers of the government and they are indeed limited. Learn the very specific powers that our Constitution authorizes for the federal government as well as how we can get the Constitution back into its proper jurisdiction.
  • We also cover Executive Orders, Recess Appointments, the Electoral College and Invoking the 25th Amendment and more. Learn how the executive branch was designed to work and whether or not our presidents have been abiding by their Constitutional restrictions.
  • The Constitution lays out the role of judges and the Supreme Court. We will outline the proper role of the courts. One key question addressed is, whether or not the Supreme Court is truly the last word on any law and is the Supreme Court ever accountable to the people for their decisions? The answers may surprise you.
  • What Amendments should be made to the Constitution and how would this process work?
  • What is the role of the citizenry under the Constitution? What can citizens do to preserve our constitutional republic for future generations?

We answer these and other vitally important questions via our interactive classroom presentations featured in Constitution Alive. People just like you ask their questions during the class and receive clear, concise and accurate answers regarding the Constitution and its role in keeping America strong and vital. You will receive 12 hours of total instruction. Studying the Constitution couldn’t be any more entertaining than this!

Can you imagine a Constitution Course that is easy and quick to understand and is even funny, engaging and entertaining at the same time?

We couldn’t either… until we went out and created it for ourselves.

Thanks to David & Rick’s expertise and knowledge of the Constitution and thier passion to make learning about the Constitution easy and fun, now anyone can understand the Constitution! This is something that would have to bring a smile to the Founding Fathers’ faces!

  • Fun
  • Easy to use
  • Effective learning outcomes
  • And comprehensive
  • Constitution Alive! w/David Barton & Rick Green is all you need to understand the Constitution and have a great time doing it!

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The Constitution Made Easy by Michael HollerP.S. When you order today, you will receive even more than the Constitutional Course on DVD. Included with every order is a 224 page workbook filled with documentation for your personal liberty and an audio MP3 disc for reviewing the course while driving.

P.P.S. We’ve done everything we can to make learning about the Constitution easy and fun, so you’ll also receive a copy of Michael Holler’s The Constitution Made Easy book as an added bonus appendix in the workbook. This ingenious creation allows us to read the Constitution in our own modern language with all the amendments incorporated so you don’t have to flip back and forth trying to figure out how the Amendment changed things. Author Michael Holler’s clever approach has the original language of the Constitution on the left side with the modern language version written in blue on the right hand side. The end result is an easy to understand and powerful lesson on the Constitution. This great book lets you bypass all the monotonous stuff and get right to what matters for you and the nation, here, today and now!

This is a must read for anyone looking for a more precise understanding of the Constitution. Additionally, there is also a fill in the blank study guide that tracks with the class and includes many of the quotes from the Founding Fathers on each particular area of study.

So celebrate the 225th anniversary of the US Constitution by treating yourself and your family to this exclusive course.

The only thing you’ll find missing is the boring lecture and the badly dressed professor!