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H. J. Res. 46 — a constitutional amendment restoring religious freedom— was introduced in the 108th Congress. That Amendment declares:

To secure the people’s right to acknowledge God according to the dictates
of conscience:

The people retain the right to pray and to recognize their religious beliefs,
heritage, and traditions on public property, including schools.

The United States and the States shall not establish any official religion
nor require any person to join in prayer or religious activity.

a-constitutional-amendment-restoring-religious-freedomIf you do not know your U. S. Congressman, go to you want to see this protection for voluntary school prayer and public
religious expressions such as displays of the Ten Commandments, you need to
your Congressmen — even if he or she already supports this issue.

  1. and type in your zip code to learn the name of your
  2. Call your Representative at (202) 224-3121. When the Capitol
    operator answers, ask for your Senator or Representative by name. When
    that office answers, ask to speak to your Congressman. If he is
    he will speak with you; if he is unavailable, simply tell his staff
    you want the Congressman (A) to co-sponsor H. J. Res. 46, (B) to bring
    bill to the floor for a vote, and (C) to vote for the Religious Freedom Amendment.
  3. If you wish to write your Congressman to communicate the same
    the address is:

Name of your

U.S. House of

Washington, DC, 20515

Name of your Senator

U.S. Senate

Washington, DC, 20510

The “Religious Freedom Amendment” is far too important to die a
and obscure political death. Therefore, for the sake of this generation — as
well as future ones — we should heed the advice of John Hancock:

I [urge] you by all that is dear, by all that is honorable, by all
is sacred, not only that ye pray but that ye act.

(To access information (sponsors, status, etc.) and track the progress of
“Religious Freedom Amendment,” go to
and type in “HJRes 46.” WallBuilders offers a booklet, A
Constitutional Amendment Protecting School Prayer and other Religious Speech
with more information on this issue.)