From time to time, WallBuilders is involved with a number of groups and cooperates with them in worthy culture-changing efforts. Here is one such upcoming event: Religious Freedom Sunday.

Parents, educators, youth group leaders, and students, this is your chance to speak up by joining the movement to keep faith in public schools! Religious Freedom Sunday (January 15, 2012) is a day to honor teachers and educate students and parents regarding the rights of religious expressions in the public schools.

Religious Freedom Sunday is a preparation for Religious Freedom Day, declared to be January 16th since 1993, when a resolution passed in Congress set this day apart, purposely choosing January 16th to honor The Virginia Act For Establishing Religious Freedom. This act was written by Thomas Jefferson and passed by the Virginia legislature in 1786.

Gateways to Better Education and the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) provide an easy way for churches to equip their congregation with information regarding students’ and teachers’ religious freedom in public schools.  By participating in this event on Sunday, January 15th, you will not only equip those students, parents, and teachers in your congregation, but you can also help local school officials understand the right of religious expressions students and teachers have in the public school system. For each pack of 50 pamphlets you order, the ADF has offered to send a six-page letter to a local school official of your choice.

Here are ways you can get involved:

  1. Include an insert in your bulletin
  2. Play the 60-second promo video for your congregation
  3. Honor and pray for educators
  4. Pass out pamphlets for your congregation to share with others
  5. Join the Cause on FaceBook

With religious expressions being challenged in every arena, join the movement, take a stand and speak up today!