President Obama has directly attacked one of America’s oldest and most fundamental liberties: the right of religious conscience. This right has been a part of the American landscape for 350 years, but is now in jeopardy.

Although Obama has recently targeted punitive action against the Catholic Church for its specific religious beliefs with which he strongly disagrees, his attacks against conscience over the past three years have not been confined to just the Catholic Church; these assaults include basic Biblical faith in general. In fact, one of his first presidential acts after he entered office was to announce plans to repeal religious conscience protection for medical workers.

(We just posted on our website a piece documenting the extreme hostility of President Obama against Biblical faith and Biblical values for the past three years. He is, as proven by his own actions and words, the most anti-Biblical president in American history.)

This Thursday (tomorrow, March 1), the Senate is slated to vote on Sen. Roy Blunt’s Conscience Protection Amendment, seeking to halt the President’s attack on freedom of religious conscience. The vote was originally scheduled for two weeks ago, but Sen. Harry Reid was able to stall the vote through procedural maneuvers. But on Thursday, Reid will call for a vote on whether to table (that is, to kill) the Blunt Amendment.

Please call your Senator today and tell them to vote against tabling the Blunt Amendment, and then to vote for passage of the Blunt Conscience Protection Amendment.

Toll free numbers for the Capitol switchboard are 866-220-0044 or 877-851-6437. When an operator answers, ask to be connected to a Senator from your specific state (it will take two calls, one for each Senator; you can find your senators here). If you can’t get through on the Capitol switchboard, please call their local offices (listed on their websites). Please call your Senators today and tomorrow, and please ask your family, friends, co-workers, church members, networks, etc., to also call. We must act NOW!