Join us for two weeks this summer!

Join WallBuilders and Mercury One for two weeks and discover the truth about our nation, our past, and how to lead it into the future! We are opening up our library to students 18-25 years old for a hands-on experience to research original historical documents from our incredible collection. Receive specialized teaching and instruction and the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge from our speakers and guest lecturers.

This is a once in a lifetime experience!

The program is two weeks of nonstop projects, research, lectures, and outings for people who want to know the truth about America’s history, how to identify the philosophies and ideologies that shaped our laws and original documents, and methods of effective leadership in today’s culture.

Through morning sessions at the Mercury One Studios in Irving, Texas, and evenings spent researching the original documents, students will learn about topics such as:

  • Biblical Worldview

  • Historical Truth

  • Fake History and How to Spot It

  • Early American Education

  • Biblical Influence in America

  • American Exceptionalism

  • How to Lead and Change the Culture


In addition to the numerous guest speakers from The Blaze, CRTV, constitutional law firms, and political groups,
the main speakers at the Leadership Training Program will be Tim Barton, David Barton, and Glenn Beck!

Tim Barton
Tim BartonDirector of the LTP
David Barton
David BartonWallBuilders
Glenn Beck
Glenn BeckThe Blaze

Listen to what Alumni think!

“The Leadership Training Program was extremely beneficial, especially in terms of my legal research for law school, and studying the actual writings of the Founding Fathers made it easier to read old case law.”

2017 Alumnus

“The WallBuilders Leadership Training provided me an opportunity to learn from amazing historical artifacts and become part of a movement to shape and lead my life with the same values as our Founders.”

2018 Alumnus

“I learned a lot! What is interesting about the program, and different from the majority of the culture, is that we were encouraged to think…so often, especially in education now, it’s less about reasoning, problem solving, engaging in meaningful discussion and conversation and more about rote memorization and teaching to pass the exam.”

2017 Alumnus

“The LTP taught me how to defend my beliefs and communicate to those around me in a persuasive way that wins not only arguments, but hearts as well. Additionally, it’s just a lot of fun! I’m close friends now with my classmates and having that kind of communities means the world!”

2017 Alumnus

“They have all these resources and they’re willing and free to give them to you and let you hold them and touch them and study them. I think that’s an amazing opportunity you don’t get anywhere else.”

2018 Alumnus

We will research our Founding Fathers, discovering their accomplishments, families, and faith, giving individual presentations at the end of each week.This is a specialized training for 18-25 year old. This is a first-come, first-served, limited space opportunity. The cost is $375.

All participants are required to provide their own transportation, lodging and food.

If you are able to meet these requirements and would like to be a part of our Leadership Training this summer, please register below. If  you have any questions email to: [email protected]

2019 Dates

Session 1

Session 2

June 3-14

July 15-26