During his service as a Congressman, wrote a letter to Secretary of the Navy John Branch, recommending William Kennedy, a Presbyterian minister, be considered for a Navy Chaplain position.



Lancaster 20, October 1829

Dear Sir,

The Rev. Wm Kennedy of Philadelphia has informed me that he is about making application to be appointed a chaplain in the Navy. W. Kennedy is a Presbyterian Clergyman of respectable connexions & of a fair standing in his profession. He is the nephew of Col. Kennedy of this County who was one of the Jackson elections of the State Const Ball.

Indeed considering his talents & his character & the respectable congregation of which he is the pastor in Philadelphia, I am at a loss to conjecture why he desires to change his situation. No doubt he has good reasons for it. Be that as it may however, I do not hesitate to say that such a chaplain as he would make would be an acquisition to the Navy. If therefore there be a vacancy, to which you can appoint him consistently with the good of the services, you would by doing so much oblige.

Your friend with great respect
James Buchanan

The Hon. John Branch