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American Revolution – Letter by Rev. Thomas Allen

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The Rev. Thomas Allen (1743-1810) was a minister at Pittsfield, Massachusetts and a soldier during the American Revolution. He fought in the Battle of Bennington and also served as chaplain in other battles. This letter from 1793 concerns what is called "Brown's Bible" - an edition of the Bible printed in [...]

Civil War – Webster’s Regiment

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The following documents written by an unknown soldier in the regiment outlining the organization of "Webster's Regiment" (officially known as the 12th Massachusetts regiment), which was established under the command of Fletcher Webster (son of Daniel Webster), the second generation Founding Father who was known as the "Defender of the U.S. [...]

WWII – The Four Chaplains

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In February, 1943 an American ship, Dorchester, was torpedoed and was sinking. Four chaplains aboard the ship from different denominations and faiths gave life jackets to sailors and provided comfort. Find out more about this remarkable story here. A Four Chaplains Card signed by Harry Truman in 1960.   Stamps honored [...]

Civil War – Religious Artifacts

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The following group of religious artifacts are from the Civil War. The first set of items were all found in an area in the vicinity of the Battle of Vicksburg (May 18-July 4, 1863). The medals include: a brass Virgin Mary figurine, two crosses, and three small religious tokens. The second [...]

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