NEW Library Study View

WallBuilders is proud to announce a new way to interact with our online library …. it is called “Study View.”

Since we launched our new website in January of 2017 we have received tremendous feedback from our visitors and supporters on how they really love the new design. We have made it much easier to find resources, events, and other great WallBuilders initiatives.

In an effort to engage a younger and more digital-savvy audience we made a Graphical View of our Library to make the experience of navigating the resources more visually engaging. Because there are so many resources available in our library we wanted to make a visual menu that would graphically display the splendor of all that is available. This menu has enticed people to engage with the library and take a peek at all that we have to offer.

We have found that once someone sees what is in the library they want to go much deeper. We have a whole group of WallBuilders supporters who regularly visit the Library to research and print articles. They are utilizing our library for educational curriculum development, Bible studies, legislative research and so much more.

With this group of supporters in mind, we have created the “Study View” of the Library. We wanted to create a version that just “gets down to business” and empowers quick search and display of all the resources we have available. While the “Graphical View” entices new supporters to take a peek and enjoy the Library. The “Study View” allows for the more frequent power users to quickly and easily navigate through the categories in our Library and the individual articles.

Another benefit of the “Study View” is that it may be a more user-friendly version of the library for those that aren’t as digitally savvy as the younger generation. We created simple and easy to use interface that anyone can navigate and easily find what they are looking for.

The WallBuilders Library is one of the greatest resources we offer to our supporters. We are constantly updating the digital library to include more and more of the over 120 thousand documents and resources we have in our physical library. It is so encouraging to us to see so many of our supporters wanting to access these unique articles and artifacts. Make sure you take a moment to visit both the Graphical View and the Study View of our Library and explore the treasures found within.


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