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Spring 1996

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Media Bias or Worldview Conflict? Bias. We often hear the media charged with it, but, in fact, no one is free from it. "Bias" is defined as a "mental tendency [or] preference," and everyone ­p; not just the media ­p; has a preference, or a bias. Each person talks about and [...]

Summer 1996

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The Runaway Branch The government established by our Founding Fathers included unique provisions virtually unknown to other governments of that time. Of those provisions, the "separation of powers" between the branches was probably the feature which contributed most to America's becoming the world's longest ongoing constitutional republic. Regrettably, much of that [...]

Fall 1996

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Thanksgivings in America The tradition of Thanksgiving celebrations as a time to focus on God and His blessings has deep roots, dating back almost four centuries (e.g., the thanksgiving services in Virginia at Cape Henry in 1607 and Berkeley Plantation in 1619, the traditional Pilgrim's thanksgiving in 1621, etc.). In the [...]

Winter 1996

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Religious Founders? Read Their Writings Among the liberties protected by our Constitution is the First Amendment's “free exercise of religion.” Yet, over the past half-century, that once inalienable liberty has been greatly subjugated to the arbitrary whims of the Justices by a series of hostile and absurd Court decisions. In fact, [...]

Spring 1997

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What Happened to the School Prayer Amendment? At the beginning of the 104th Congress, there was public excitement surrounding a promised congressional effort to protect public religious expressions. That anticipation began in September 1994 with Representative Newt Gingrich's speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, dc. The soon-to-be Speaker of the [...]

Summer 1997

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Judicial Accountability Update In our continuing efforts to educate citizens on how to restrain renegade judges by constitutional means, we authored Impeachment: Restraining an Overactive Judiciary. Originally researched in response to the request of several U.S. Congressmen, the 64-page book contains the declarations of the Founders and the Constitution on this [...]

Winter 1997

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Inside the 1996 Elections Last November 5th, President Bill Clinton, the 17th President of this century, became only the 7th of the century to receive a second term (the others were Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Richard Nixon, and Ronald Reagan). Interestingly, President Clinton's recent victory was secured [...]

Spring 1998

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A Note From David Barton Dear Friend, The alleged scandals surrounding the Presidency over recent weeks have again raised the question of whether character matters in a leader. For a Christian, the only answer to this question must be an emphatic "Yes! Character does matter." Scriptural passages setting forth the characteristics [...]

Summer 1998

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Will We Go Forward or Go Back? The primary purpose of The WallBuilder Report has been to educate and to inspire. Therefore, it is our practice to examine current issues through an historical lens, and to report from across the nation victories which typically do not receive much mainstream coverage. We [...]

Late Summer 1998

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A "Do-Nothing Congress"? Says Who? America is unquestionably engaged in a culture war. On one side are Christians and other devout people of faith who embrace traditional and Christian family values, and on the other side are the secularists, humanists, separationists, and others who want a society free from Christian influence [...]

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