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Fall 1998

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Thanksgiving in America This month, America will continue a tradition begun centuries ago: the celebration of a Day of Thanksgiving. The origin of this tradition is commonly attributed to the Pilgrims in 1621, even though some Thanksgiving services did occur elsewhere in America as early as 1607. While Thanksgiving celebrations became [...]

Black History Issue 1998

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Black History Month: Honoring Godly Heroes America's Godly heritage has been under assault in recent years. Secularist spokesmen claim that America was created as a secular nation by secular individuals who intended that it always remain secular. These individuals understand that by destroying the knowledge of America's religious heritage, it is [...]

Spring 1999

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A New Acquisition At WallBuilders, through God's blessings, we have assembled a library containing thousands of the original first-edition works of America's Founding Fathers, including many of their won handwritten documents and letters. Yet, even though our special emphasis is the Founding Era, we nevertheless acquire important documents from other eras [...]

Summer 1999

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Responding to Littleton: A Tale of Two Philosophies Shortly after the nation’s attention was captured by the school shootings in Littleton (and also in Conyers, preceded by those in Paducah, Springfield, Edinboro, Pearl, Leesburg, Jonesboro, and near shootings in Ohio and Wisconsin), the “Juvenile Justice Bill” came to vote in Congress. [...]

Fall 1999

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Good News! Sort of . . . Every year since 1966, a survey of college freshmen has been conducted by UCLA in order to determine the general characteristics and beliefs of that year’s freshmen. The survey, covering student attitudes on every thing from abortion to politics, is always very revealing. The [...]

Winter 1999

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Strong Families Strong Societies A stable family has long been considered the most important building block of a nation. Consequently, for generations government actively promoted the security of the family. As a court explained in Grigsby v. Reib in 1913: The truth is that civil government has grown out of [proceeded [...]

Spring 2000

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Good News: Preserving Traditional Marriage! In recent months, Vermont has become the center of attention in the battle to recognize gay and lesbian “marriages.” In a blear and egregious violation of the doctrine of separation of powers, the State supreme court ordered the legislature to craft a bill either to recognize [...]

Summer 2000

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The Supreme Court: Creating a Nation at Risk   Decisions will be rendered by the Supreme Court this term on four separate areas related to religion and morality: homosexuality, school prayer, public decency, and abortion. In the case on homosexuality, the Court will decide whether the Boy Scouts can be forced [...]

Winter 2000

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God, Government and the Preservation of Life Protecting innocent life is a key and recurring theme in the Bible. Life is God-given; He formed us, made us, and breathed life into us. Therefore, He gave clear commands both on preserving innocent life and on punishing those who take it (See, for [...]

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