This is the text of a Proclamation for a Day of Fasting, Humiliation and Prayer issued by Oliver Wolcott, Governor of the State of Connecticut. This proclamation was issued on Mary 17, 1797, declaring April 14, 1797 as a day of fasting for the state.




Oliver Wolcott, Esq.




AS it peculiarly becomes a Christian People, at particular and state Seasons, by Humiliation and Prayer, to pay their devout Homage to ALMIGHTY GOD;–

I HAVE thought proper to appoint, and do hereby appoint FRIDAY, the Fourteenth Day of April next, to be observed as a Day of public HUMILIATION, FASTING and PRAYER, throughout this State; recommending to all the People, in their solemn Assemblies, on that Day, devoutly to acknowledge their Dependence on the Supreme Ruler of the Universe, and with sincere Repentance for our many Sins, humbly to implore, of a merciful GOD, their Forgiveness and Remission, the gracious Aids of his Spirit, and the Blessings of his Providence.

That he would continue to us and successive Generations, the Gospel of Peace and Salvation;-teach the Hearts of all Men to know its Truth and Excellence, and to obey its holy Precepts:-Succeed the Means of Education and Learning; bless your Youth, furnish their Minds with useful Knowledge, and enrich them with the christian Graces:-That he would smile on our Husbandry; give and preserve to us the goodly Fruits of the Earth:-Prosper our Commerce, restrain the arbitrary Enterprizes so extensively practiced upon it, and cause the Nations at War, to observe towards our Trade and Navigation, the Laws of Justice and good Faith;- save us from desolating Diseases; and grant that in all our lawful Business and Vocations, we may experience the Divine Care and Beneficence. And moreover, humbly to beseech the Throne of Grace, that the God of Wisdom would enlighten the public Councils of this State, thereby to increase the Means of social Improvement and Happiness among the People, and to confirm and perpetuate the public Order, Liberty, and Tranquility.

That the United States may continue to be under the Superintendence and holy Protection of the Sovereign Arbiter of Nations:-That he would inspire all our Citizens with a Love of their Country, and each other; cement our Union; impart to all Departments of the Government Wisdom and Integrity, uprightly and ably to conduct the public Interests confided to their Care:-Still continue graciously to smile on our earnest and faithful Endeavours to preserve our Peace;- cause the

Negociations with the French Republic to issue in the Acknowledgement and secure Establishment of our just Rights, and the Restoration of Amity and good Agreement between the two Countries.

And that it would please GOD to afford his gracious Aids to the President of the United States, in the Discharge of the arduous Duties on which he is entering; and that he may be enabled, by a wise and impartial Administration of them, to preserve that Confidence of the People in this Branch of our Government, by which it has been so eminently distinguished:-That the Benedictions of Heaven may attend the late President of the United States, in his Retirement from his long, useful and disinterested Services to our Country.

And may God, who is the Author of Peace and Lover of Concord, restrain the Rage and Pride of warring Nations, and Cause them to submit to righteous and equitable Terms of Peace.

And that all those to whom the Ministration of the Gospel of Christ Jesus is committed, may be influenced by that Spirit which the Gospel is adapted to inspire; and that the Effect of their Ministration may be the Advancement of the peaceful Kingdom of the Great Redeemer among Mankind.


GIVEN at Litchfield, this seventeenth Day of March, in the Year of our LORD one thousand seven Hundred and ninety seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the twenty-first.


By his Excellency’s Command,