In September, the United Nations is expected to pass a unilateral resolution against Israel’s right of self-determination and self-defense, thus providing a global hunting license for Israel’s enemies to attack her in new and unprecedented manners. Throughout history, a dividing line between civilization and barbarism has always been how one treats Israel and Jews. The civilized world must stand with Israel, making clear that the United Nations does not speak for the world.

WallBuilders is a co-partner with Glenn Beck of three Restoring Courage Events that will occur in Israel in August. These events will feature spiritual and political leaders from dozens of countries around the world, as well as leaders from Hollywood, pro-sports, business, media, and countless spheres, including regular citizens, standing shoulder to shoulder in solidarity with Israel preceding the UN’s expected announcement. (For more information on these events, you may visit the Restoring Courage website). If you want to be participate in these events and travel to Israel for an experience of a lifetime, tour packages are still available only through two groups:: DuCar Tours and Voyager Travel. There are two ticket options, and to attend the events in Israel, you must have tickets.

If you cannot attend in person but want to help and to show your solidarity with Israel, there are still several ways you can be involved. Numerous spiritual and political leaders from around the world are excited and eager to attend and show support from their nation for Israel, but they come from very poor countries that make it almost financially impossible for them to attend. If you would like to help sponsor these leaders so that they can attend the event and thus help send a powerful message to Israel’s enemies in the world, you can make a contribution for their travel and accommodations. Or you can help underwrite the cost of this event in Jerusalem with a contribution to the Restoring Courage Fund.

We hope that you can participate in this momentous event. And please pass this information on to others and encourage them to take a stand with and for Israel!

God bless!