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Because this is a working research library, WallBuilders offers tours of our collection by appointment only. Tours should be scheduled 2-4 weeks in advance. Availability is generally Monday-Friday between 10-3 CST. Please contact us for more information: [email protected] or 817.441.6044.

We have limited availability, so please have options for dates & times when contacting our office. Also, WallBuilders cannot accommodate tour groups larger than 25 people.

WallBuilders reserves the right to refuse to schedule tours for any reason.


  • Adults — $5.50 each
  • Children: 7-13 — $3.50 each (must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Seniors (65+) — $3.50 each
  • Children: 6 & Under – Free (must be accompanied by an adult)
  • Active military members, veterans, or first responders, please ask about our special pricing.

christianvoterguidejcvgbanner Voter Responsibility: Pray and Act Click here to view a video on the importance of Christians voting. Click here to download this video. Why it’s a Christian’s Duty to Vote Click here to view a 3 minute video on the right and duty of American citizens to vote in every election. Register to Vote Are you registered to vote? If you’re not, click here to register and make your voice heard this year. Voting Guides The pro-family organizations listed below provide voters resources for most states. Click on the organizations’ links to get more information. Know the Candidates and Issues Click here to track Federal legislation and find out how your Congressman and Senators are voting. Sites like On The Issues, and iVoteValues provide a wealth of non-partisan information on voting and candidates (including biographies, issue positions, voting records, campaign finances and interest group ratings). Another way to access voter information for your state is to use a search engine (i.e., google, bing, or yahoo) and type in “voter guide” or “voter information” along with key words like “pro-family” or “Christian” and the name of your state. For instructions on viewing candidates interest group ratings, commonly called “Scorecards,” click here. Resources for Pastors & Churches Project 75 is a non-partisan group that encourages pastors to get 75% of their congregation to vote. This website includes a video and voter tools. This article and this article from the IRS lists activities that are and are not permissible for 501(c)(3) incorporated churches. Liberty Counsel provides this very useful chart and article regarding what pastors and churches can do politically. Liberty Legal Institute has provided this guidance; and the ACLJ has posted this information and this memorandum for 501(c)(3) incorporated churches. This bill previously introduced in the U.S. Congress would restore the free speech rights of 501(c)(3) incorporated churches. A Christian Voter Intimidation Letter from Americans United for Separation of Church and State is an example of efforts to intimidate Christians and churches from being involved in the election process. This article examines a letter sent to pastors and churches in 2006, which attempts to intimidate them. WallBuilders takes this letter and crosses out the factually incorrect editorial comments designed to intimidate and leaves only the verified information intact. Information and Quotes on Voting and Issues Read an article written by David Barton entitled: “American Voters and the Abortion Issue.” Read a collection of the Founding Fathers’ quotes on voting here. WallBuilders Election Resources The Role of Pastors & Christians in Civil Government documents the historic role people of faith played in our government; available in DVD, Audio CD, and Booklet. Access or download a copy of The Bible, Voters, & Election 2008, and while you will have to disregard the candidate-specific segments, you can have the information about how to create a Biblical framework for candidate evaluation and voting. ***Vote! A Christian’s Civic Responsibility (Flyers or Bulletin Inserts) (available in a PDF download) contain powerful quotes on the importance of voting from Noah Webster, Charles Finney, James Garfield and John Jay. This article and this article contain information often given by David Barton during presentations which address today’s culture. It includes Christian voting statistics, breakdowns on votes in Congress on pro-family issues, and more.