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Scheduling and Events Terms of Agreement

  1. WallBuilder Presentations agrees to provide a speaker for the indicated date, presentation time, and location (indicated on page 2). No additional appearances or activities shall be planned by the Sponsor nor expected of the Speaker unless approved by the WallBuilders Scheduling Office prior to the event date.
  2. Event sponsor agrees to pay the travel expense by the indicated due date. These expenses are billed at a flat rate, and include all applicable airfare, lodging, transportation, food, tolls/tips/misc. A proof of final payment will be mailed from the WallBuilders office. WallBuilder Presentations reserves the right to cancel participation if payment is not received by the requested date.
  3. The Sponsoring Group agrees to provide an honorarium or love offering in addition to the travel expense.
  4. WallBuilder Presentations will make all travel arrangements.
  5. The speaker’s address may not be audio or video taped or broadcast unless previous permission has been secured from WallBuilder Presentations.
  6. Date, location, and contact information for this event will be posted on the WallBuilders event page unless a request has been made to maintain a closed event.
  7. In extreme circumstances, WallBuilder Presentations reserves the right to cancel this appearance due to a speaker’s illness or an unforeseen emergency or overriding obligation or professional responsibility and will not be responsible for expenses or losses incurred by the Event Sponsor. However, all reasonable efforts will be made to avoid any cancellations.
  8. All payments are to be made to WallBuilder Presentations and sent by mail. Do not give the payment to the speaker. The W-9 Form will accompany this contract.