On October 2, 2011, pastors and churches will have an opportunity to participate in a rapidly growing movement to regain the relevance of the church. For decades, pastors and churches have wrongly been told they should not participate in the political world, but both the Bible and history show otherwise.

Beginning in 1633 and up until the 20th century, annual election sermons were preached across the country. Christians knew that we held a dual citizenship – we were indeed citizens of heaven, but we were also citizens of earth. We recognized that God had placed us in a country and given us a stewardship over a government that belonged to “We the People.” Consequently, these sermons covered not only the proper role and functions of civil government but also how government should approach certain issues and what God expected of citizens in the selection of our civil leaders.  After all, throughout the Bible, God’s leaders regularly spoke into the civil arena about all of these things, whether it was Elijah with Ahab and Jezebel, Samuel with Saul, Nathan and Gad with David, Jehoiada with Joash, etc.

But in 1954, Congress passed the “Johnson Amendment,” which has since been interpreted as silencing pastors on issues or topics of civil interest. Yet Christians of previous generations would never have submitted to a policy that so egregiously violated not only constitutional provisions but also Biblical precedent.

Beginning in 2008, the Alliance Defense Fund – one of the nation’s premier legal groups – launched the Pulpit Freedom Sunday Initiative to help the church regain its much-needed voice in this arena. They partnered with pastors who decided to preach courageous sermons once again applying Biblical principles to civil issues and civic leaders, even sermons preaching about where specific candidates stood on particular issues and then comparing those stances with Scripture.

Hundreds of pastors and churches have now participated in this special Sunday, and the IRS has refused to come after any of them (perhaps because they know that a constitutional lawsuit is awaiting them if they interfere with church pulpits – a lawsuit the IRS probably realizes it cannot win). With 2,000 ADF affiliated-attorneys willing to defend for free any Bible-teaching pastors who speak out with a Biblical voice on current issues or leaders, it is time to take God’s Word and the pulpit back from the control of politicians.

Join with hundreds of pastors from across the nation to speak up and speak out for the freedoms established in the Bible and guaranteed by the Constitution. To see online resources or to get involved, visit: