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Nation’s Most Liberal Courts Won’t Be So Liberal After President Trump’s Nominees are Confirmed

May 23rd, 2018|Comments Off on Nation’s Most Liberal Courts Won’t Be So Liberal After President Trump’s Nominees are Confirmed

President Donald Trump is completing a strong week, and is set to kick off a strong next week, in his push to reshape the federal courts, with Senate Republicans forcing votes on six more of [...]

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1 day ago

David Barton/WallBuilders

Don't forget to watch the National Bible Bee Competition Show tonight at 8pm EST!

National Bible Bee
Watch the Senior Semi-Finals of the National Bible Bee Competition.

This six-episode show features the top 15 contestants in each age division from around the nation who memorized between 600 to 950 verses to compete in the 2017 National Bible Bee Competition.

Register for the Summer Study by May 31 at biblebee.org/summer-study
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Today, citizens of our great nation have the opportunity to put our differences aside and unite as we say a resounding “Thank you!!!!” to all of our military members on Armed Forces Day. While each branch of the military has its own unique job that it does, and while they all give the other branches a hard time and defend their branch as the best (rightly so!), at the end of the day, they’re all on the same team with the same goal: uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, protect the citizens of our nation, preserve our liberty, and defeat the enemy.

Psalm 144:1 says “Blessed be the Lord, my rock, Who trains my hands for war, And my fingers for battle.” Serving our nation as a member of the military is a special calling. Our service members miss their children’s births and birthdays; they miss dance recitals, baseball games, first steps, high school graduations, anniversaries, and holidays. They are often thousands of miles away while a spouse or child or loved one is hospitalized, when a house fire destroys their belongings, when their family is in a wreck, when a beloved pet passes away, when the only family car breaks down - and there’s nothing that they can do. But they don’t shirk their responsibilities - they train relentlessly, keeping focused on their duties and responsibilities.

Our military members have one of THE most stressful jobs. They have unpredictable schedules and know that they can be called away from their families and life as they know it at any time. But when asked, they’ll tell you that they’re proud to serve and that it’s their honor. Even away from work, they’re often the first to jump into the fray when situations or tragedies occur around them, taking charge of the situation or quickly offering their assistance and training without a second thought.

Every military member who serves - or has served - deserves our utmost honor, respect and thanks. When you see a veteran or a military member, please take time to stop, look them in their eyes as you shake their hand and genuinely tell them thank you - for their service, for what they’re sacrificing, and for their willingness to do what so many won’t. Without their selfless service, America would be a very different nation.

So on Armed Forces Day, to all those presently serving and those who have served - we appreciate you and honor you today! You make a difference and we are forever grateful!
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