Strengthening communities,
states, and nation.

Our name is taken from the Old Testament story of Nehemiah, who led a
grassroots movement to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and restore its
strength and honor. In the same way, WallBuilders seeks to energize people
to become involved in strengthening their communities, states, and nation.

WallBuilders has been nationally recognized for its work in
education, history, law, and public policy, integrating the
elements of Biblical faith and morality throughout all aspects of
American life and culture.

Discover the Intent of America’s Founders Regarding Religious Freedom and the Purpose of the Constitution

We will help you identify many of the heroes
of American history and use the
actual writings of the Founding Fathers to show
that the Bible was unequivocally the primary
source that directed their actions as they
founded our nation.

WallBuilders supports our God-given,
Constitutional rights by assisting Government
leaders who seek to uphold our original Biblical
foundations. By focusing on the original intent
of our Founding Fathers and the proper
understanding of the institutional separation of
Church and State, we teach why Christians
should be involved in Civil Government—to
keep the State from controlling the Church and
from limiting our religious freedom.

We support our Christian foundation by
providing resources to Educators so they can
understand and teach the Christian history of
our nation. By emphasizing the unique and
historical role of Pastors and Church leaders,
we help them teach their congregations that
their political involvement is necessary.

Our Methods

Truth is constantly becoming harder to find. We’re here to help. Many “academics”, “professionals” and “intellectuals” deliberately ignore, change, and revise the facts of history to suit their agendas. We share information that does not rely on “expert opinions” but on actual historical documents. We cite the original sources in all our resources.


 in person, in churches, schools, and special events


 in person, in churches, schools, and special events

Radio / Podcast

Daily, up-to-date topics related to our mission


Commenting on issues related to our expertise


gathering and teaching groups of like-minded people


we reveal the history of America in living color, with items you can see and feel


we produce election guides, support grassroots organizations, and more

Our Purpose

We care about the future of freedom in America. People need to know the truth about our Founding Fathers and our Christian history as a nation, so they can have a reason to defend our historic freedoms.

We teach US history and how our beginnings were overwhelmingly rooted in Christian ideology so people can understand our Biblical foundation and stand on the truth that the US was founded on Christian principles.

In recent years, the foundation of our great nation has been seriously attacked and undermined. Our secular culture has revised our nation’s true history. Religious freedom is under attack, and many Americans remain ignorant of the Christian cornerstone of our country. But the truth remains. We were built on a firm foundation; therefore, we share the hope of our history and future.

Restore America's
Biblical Foundation

Learn the truth about our nation’s Godly heritage today!

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