Support for Pastors & Churches

By emphasizing the unique and vital role of Pastors and Christians throughout our history, we teach and encourage local Congregations to exercise their individual and collective influence in their communities.

Attend a
Pastors Briefing

Pastors have an opportunity to hear from some of the top Christian Senators and Representatives now serving in Congress. They also enjoy a private Spiritual Heritage Tour of the US Capitol.

We Speak and
Teach at Churches

Learn the truth about American history from a Biblical, moral, and constitutional perspective. Encourage and engage your congregation to share their faith in the public sphere.

Resources & Original Historical Documents

Our vast collection of articles, videos, and original historical documents are great resources to use in Sunday schools or Bible studies, and are excellent for personal study as well.

We’ll equip you to inspire positive change in America.

Check out our collection of historical sermons on a variety of topics from cultural issues to technological advances to scientific discoveries.

Have a greater impact in restoring strength and honor in the United States.

The name WallBuilders is from Nehemiah in the Old Testament, who led a grassroots movement to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and restore its strength and honor. In the same way, today’s Christians are called to actively work to strengthen their communities, states, and nation.

The original intent of our Founding Fathers & religion

The myth of “separation of church and state” is well-known in today’s society, but what did the Founding Fathers really intend? Find out for yourself!

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Pastors Briefings

“I wanted to thank you for inviting us to the Congressional Pastors’ Briefing in Washington D.C. It was wonderful! What a thrill to meet so many men and women of faith serving in Congress.” – Bridgewater, NJ

“It was a tremendous spiritual blessing for me to hear David and gain a new appreciation for our Godly heritage. As I walked the halls of the Capitol building again, my heart was flooded with joy and thanksgiving to God who has kept our nation these many years.” – Oakton, VA

Promote Christian Heritage Week!

For more than four centuries, the teachings of the Bible and Christianity, and the influence of historic Christian leaders, have had a dramatic positive impact on the nation, its culture, and its institutions. America’s Christian Heritage Week celebrates those accomplishments.

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