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We provide resources to educators and students so that future generations can learn and value America’s incredible Christian history.

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Join us for an in-depth workshop exploring American history and early pedagogy. This experience includes opportunities to view original documents and artifacts that shaped our nation's history.

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Learn the truth about American history from a Biblical, moral, and constitutional perspective that won't fail to incite interest in an audience of any age. Share the truth with your fellow students!

Resources & Original Historical Documents

Our vast collection of articles, videos, and original historical documents are great resources to use in classrooms! These resources are excellent for student research too!

Resources & Recommendations

There are many excellent curricula available, and often the choice between them is much like choosing between a Ford, Chrysler, or Toyota – they are all going to get you where you need to go, so it boils down to a matter of style and personal preference. Some of the leading homeschool curricula include (and these recommendations do not necessarily mean that WallBuilders agrees with everything taught in these curricula):

See our list of Educational Groups in our Helpful Links.

WallBuilders offers a large variety of YouTube videos that are great for classroom use! The One Room Schoolhouse episodes are educational and entertaining and often provide teachers and students with a glimpse of some of the original artifacts housed in our collection.

WallBuilders does have some curricula options available covering certain aspects of American history and government. These can be great supplemental resources as well.

There are several good institutions of higher learning whose educational approach is not only academically excellent but is also consistent with moral, religious, and constitutional values. The listings below include some of these schools. (Recommendations do not necessarily mean that WallBuilders agrees with everything taught at these schools, nor with every professor who teaches there.) This list is definitely not exhaustive, but it does include many schools with whom we have actively cooperated.

For tips and tutorials on conducting your own historical research, start with these resources:

There is no substitute for immersing oneself in original, primary source material if one hopes to understand American history. However, it is also useful (and enjoyable) to read books about great American leaders and events. The Recommended Reading List is far from comprehensive, but it includes works that we have found to be helpful.

18-25 year old students have a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience and study original historical documents from our incredible collection, as well as receive specialized teaching and instruction that will assist them in their academic careers. Check out the Summer Institute page to learn more!

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