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Trump the Theocrat?

March 24th, 2017|0 Comments

by David Barton In 1945, George Orwell penned Animal Farm. One of his characters was Squealer the pig, who arbitrarily redefined words so that they would mean what he wanted. As Orwell explained about Squealer, [...]

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Court: Student Prayers OK at School Board Meetings

March 24th, 2017|0 Comments

A federal appeals court says a Texas school board can continue to let students offer public prayers at its meetings. The 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans upheld a lower court ruling [...]


How well do you know the signers of the Declaration Of Independence and the Constitution?

March 24th, 2017|0 Comments

Most people only new a few of the more prominent signers. Test your knowledge with this quiz to see if you know some interesting facts about our founding fathers.

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At our end of the table, we were able to talk (through a translator) to four of the Righteous that were close enough to have a conversation with. I can retell isomething of their stories. In the first picture below, the woman is 87 and the man is 98 -- the man is the one who greeted us. (I can't give you their names. I don't understand Polish, and I definitely can't pronounce it!) The 87 year old woman beside him helped save nine Jews. They moved the nine into their tiny apartment, and kept them throughout the war. Her father was killed in the German bombing when the Nazis first invaded, leaving her mother, herself, and a sister 3 years younger in the apartment. So it became a total of12 living in that apartment for the duration of the war. They made ways to hide the Jews in furniture and other hiding places when Nazis came too close. She still has one of the original cup-boards in which she hid some of the Jews. The 98 year old man saved 54 Jews. He actually purchased 20 of them from the Gestapo. They would sell him a Jew for each kilo of gold (that is 2.2 pounds of gold) that he brought. (Imagine murderers like the Gestapo also being corrupt! Who'd have thought it?) He scrounged up jewelry and the like and purchased twenty Jews. He also smuggled 30 out of the Warsaw Ghetto (the holding place for Jews until they were sent to the extermination camps) and he gave them jobs in his factory. (He joked that he also married one of the Jews to save her.) In the second picture, the woman with glasses is 90 years old (and is going blind), and the woman beside her is 96. The 90 year old woman said that she was no hero -- that she was very scared (I would imagine that all of them were, for they all knew the penalty if they were caught). She knew what the Nazis would do (kill her and her entire family) and had personally seen it happen in the neighborhood around them. She recalled one day when someone threw a Jewish child a piece of bread (the Nazis held the Jews to a calorie intake of no more than 600 calories a day), and when the child reached over the pick up the bread, a German shot and killed him. She saw many such executions, and it terrified her. Yet she saved Jews anyway. Such courage! We didn't get as many details from the 96 year old woman, but she did say that she has never used an elevator since WWII, for at that time they were told to never use them then, for the Nazis might turn off the power to the elevator and trap them inside; she has not used an elevator to this day. These two ladies are good friends now (none of the seven knew each other during the war), and the 90 year old still works; the 96 year old worked up until 2 years ago. The 90 year old visits sick and bedridden elderly folks. She was 17 at the time of the Warsaw Uprising, and the other was 22. (The Warsaw Uprising occurred when the Russian Army finally came close to the city, and the Polish Underground, expecting Russian help, rose up to fight the withdrawing Germans. But the Russians stopped outside of town and refused to enter and help. Over the next several days, the Germans killed tens of thousands of Poles -- nearly all the Polish Underground, and thousands of citizens -- and destroyed structures all over the city. But both ladies survived the Uprising. (By the way, our translator, Lena, had a special place in her heart for these folks, for both of her grandparents also survived the Warsaw Uprising.) Even though we held the lunch to honor the seven (there are only 200 known Righteous still living today), the 98 year old dismissed what they did back then as insignificant, explaining: "We behaved as human beings should behave." Wow! What a profound statement -- and what a high standard that sets, to "behave as human beings should behave." In talking with the 96 year old, she, too, dismissed what she did, explaining that it was "just human behavior" that she did at the time. They are excellent examples of how ordinary folks can stand up and do the right thing, even while looking directly into the face of evil. It was quite a surreal experience for us to be with such "human beings" as these seven were! ... See MoreSee Less

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At lunch, we dined with seven of the Righteous Among the Nations -- true heroes. In many ways it was like dining with Medal of Honor recipients, only these were not military folks -- they were courageous citizens who saved lives as civilians. The dining hall was below street level and was hundreds of years old. In fact, one of the Righteous came to this very room before the war when he was approaching 20 (he was born in 1919), and when this room was a tavern; now he was back as a 98-year-old man. All around the room were stag horns (first picture). The second picture shows 3 of the Righteous, the next picture has 4 of them (although all you can see of the first one is just her hand on the left side of the picture; more about her later); and the fourth picture is of the 98-year-old man, who greeted us on behalf of their group. It was a privilege to be able to honor them and to talk to them about their amazing stories. I wish everybody could hear their accounts. Truly inspiring! ... See MoreSee Less

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