Andrew Carnegie was known as a great businessman and entrepreneur. He was also well known for his philanthropic efforts. Below is a letter (and transcript) that Mr. Carnegie wrote after his receipt of Jefferson’s Life and Morals of Jesus Christ, which is sometimes referred to as the “Jefferson Bible.” (For more information about this letter, see The Jefferson Lies by David Barton.)





July 18, 1907

Dr. Mr. Graham.

I was greatly pleased to receive the Jeffersonian Bible. He was only in advance of his time. Men will come to a selective Book free from the doors of ages past. Matthew Arnold favored this. Indeed the Chinese have already the “collects” of Confucius, perhaps you know it, translated by Prof. Legge of Cambridge.

With renewed thanks
Truly Yours
Andrew Carnegie
P.S. I think I acknowledged your kindness before last note may have miscarried.