As we begin our new year, headed into a new Presidential election season, there are still some things that we, as Americans, need to keep in mind. These things are not necessarily tangible, but they affect us all. They are the worldview of those around you.

Postmodernism ~ Deconstructionism ~ Post-structuralism ~ Secularism

These terms and ideas float around you on a daily basis, but what do they all mean? What is the difference between them? To find out more, read Deconstructionism and the Left by David Barton. This short article defines the difference between these worldviews, unlocking the negative impact that these ideals have on America today and helps to identify those philosophies which could be potentially harmful to America’s future.

To find out how you can develop a Biblical worldview to combat some of these philosophies that are being thrown at you on a daily basis, order Eight Steps for Thinking Biblically.