I Christopher Johnson of Campbell County being fully persuaded that freedom is the natural rights of all mankind & that it is my duty to do unto others as I would desire to be done by in the like situation & having under my care five negroes names & ages as followeth – Ieary aged fifty-six years, Succy aged fifty six years, Charles Nappier aged forty years, Hannay thirty six, Allen Ginnery thirty nine. I do hereby emancipate & set free the above names slaves & I do for my self, my heirs Execters Administers religioquick all of my right tittle interest and claim as Retentions of Claim whatever either to their persons or to any estate they may hereafter acquire of having also seven negroes more in their minority under my care of the following names of ages whom I also emancipate & set free & I do for my self, my heirs, executors, administers relinquicsh all my right title interest & claim or pretention of claim whatsoever, either to their persons or to any estate they may acquire after they share arrive to the age at twenty one or eitgheten years (their names & ages as followeth. Molly sixteen years & nine months, Peggy thirteen years & four months, Robert eleven years & nine months, Lacey seven years & nine months, Mary five years & seven months, Penelope three years & seven months, Charles nine months) when these negroes & their posterity are to enjoy their freedom in as ample & full a manor as if they had been born of free parents without any interuption from me or any persons claiming for by or under and in witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand of seal this third day of the tenth month 1782
Christopher Johnson

Johnson to Deed Sundry Slaves Recorded 7—
At a Court here for  Campbell County October 13, 1782.
This manumission was acknowledged by Christopher Johnson Party thereto and order to be recorded.
Estate The. Alexander c.c.c.