To the County Court of Washington County now in session
The petition of Dorcas, a free woman of color respectfully represents to your worships that here to from, that is to say, on   7th of August 1833, a certain Christopher Taylor, executed to you petitioners a bill of sale of two slaves named Warner and Nancy, in trust and upon condition that your petitioners should emancipate to the two said slaves Warner and Nancy as soon as the laws of the state would permit her to do so, and permit them to remain in the State. You petitioners further represent that by to Act of Assembly passed in the year 1833 on the 23rd day of November, it was provided that if any slaves had in good faith contracted for their freedom previous to the passage of the Act of 1831, it should in the duty of the court to emancipate them according to the former laws –

And your petitions presented notes that the said two slaves, Warner and Nancy had in good faith contracted and agreed with the said Christopher Taylor for their freedom long before the passage of the act of 1831. She herein prays your worships that you will emancipate the said two slaves Warner and Nancy as the laws in such cases made and provided direct; and as in duty bound XXX wish ever XXX

Jan 2, 1837