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Chester County of 23 of  Juno 1774
Respected friend, William Nelson altho unknown these few lines comes to inform thee in the first place who I am that is now writing to thee, about twenty years ago I consigned a negro girl named Mary to Anthony Lawrence in Charlestown and by advise from them was informed that thou purchased her from them. Now in the next place I have to tell thee the goodness that is become practicable in our provence to set their negroes free at a proper age and more especially with us that are called Quakers and should be very glad if she is living to have the opportunity to set her free for I never had no other but her and upon reconsidering the matter cannot be satisfied while she is bondage for I thing it is far from doing as we could be done by, I believe if people would seriously consider of it that many would be of my mind in that respect. Now I much believ thou wilt be so kind as to write me word whether she is alive and if she is, at what price, so shall conclude from thy unknown but sure friend.
J. Townsend
Direct for me in Chester
County to of Townsend
Speakman Doggest in
Philadelphia and it will come
Safe to hand

If William Nelson should be dead, I desire some kind hand to whom this may come to comply with of request above, which will be thankfully receive by J.T.