This is the text of the October 13, 1788
Samuel Huntington Day of Thanksgiving Proclamation, as he served as Governor of
Connecticut; as printed in The New-aven Gazette, and the Connecticut
on October 23,



By His Excellency

Samuel Huntington, Esquire

Governor and
Commander in Chief, in and over the State of Connecticut,
in America

A Proclamation.


Considering the great and manifold favors, which it pleased Almighty God, the Father of Mercies, to bestow upon the inhabitants of this Land, and the people of this State in the course of the
current year, which demand our sincere and grateful Acknowledgment:

I Have thought
fit, by, and with the advice of the Council, and at the desire of
the Representatives, in General Court assembled, to appoint, and do hereby
appoint, Thursday the twenty-seventh day of November next, to be religiously
observed as a day of Public Thanksgiving
throughout this State; earnestly exhorting ministers and people of all
Denominations, with becoming devotion, to assemble for divine and social
worship; and with grateful hearts, to acknowledge the divine goodness in the
great and distinguishing Favors and blessings bestowed upon these United
States, and the people of this State in
particular: For the continuation of the inestimable privileges of the
Gospel and means of Grace, the blessings of Peace, and for the general health
enjoyed; the supplies of the fruits of the Earth, notwithstanding the harvests
are in some measure diminished; and for all other innumerable favors and
unmerited mercies conferred upon us from the fountain of all goodness: Also to
offer up fervent supplication and prayer to Almighty God, the supreme Governor
of the Universe, and ruler of the Kingdoms of Men, that it may graciously
please him, to shower divine blessings upon the people of these Untied States;
disposing them in a yet unexampled manner, to unite in voluntarily forming a
salutary Constitution, which shall best fulfill the purposes of Civil
Government, by securing the unalienable Rights of Individuals, and removing
Oppression far from them, and in promoting the prosperity and permanent
happiness of the Union: Inspire all in civil Administration with wisdom and
Integrity: Abundantly bless the inhabitants of this State: Succeed a preached
Gospel and the means of Grace, and cause pure religion to flourish: Grant us health in all our dwellings:
Continue peace; make our land a quiet habitation and refuge for the oppressed;
caused the Earth to yield her increase, and bless us in all our interests and
concerns: Extend his mercies to all Mankind: Dispose the Nations of the Earth
to universal peace, and put a period to the calamities of war; and cause the
world to be filled with the Knowledge and Glory of God. And all servile Labor
is forbidden on said day.


Given at the Council Chamber at New-Haven, the Thirteenth day
of October, in the Thirteenth Year of the independence of the United States of
America, Annoque Domini, 1788.


Samuel Huntington.

By his
Excellency’s Command,

George Wyllys Secretary.