The following proclamation was issued on September 26, 1800 by Caleb Strong as Massachusetts Governor as printed in the Columbian Centinel. This proclamation was for a day of Thanksgiving on November 27, 1800.

Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
By His Excellency
Caleb Strong, Esquire,
Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
A Proclamation,
For a Day of Public Thanksgiving.

proclamation-thanksgiving-day-1800-massachusetts-1It being the duty of a People at all times, to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God, and to recollect his Benefits with Gratitude, especially in seasons of Public Peace and Prosperity— and it having been the invariable usage of our pious Ancestors, at the close of the year, to devote a day to the service and praise of that Great and Gracious Being, who is the object of all duty, and whose tender mercies are over all His works:

I have therefore though fit, by and with the advice and consent of the Council, to appoint THURSDAY, the twenty-seventh day of November next, to be observed by the People of this Commonwealth, as a day of PUBLIC THANKSGIVING,— hereby calling upon the Ministers and People of every denomination, to assemble on the said day, that we may unitedly pay our grateful and affectionate homage to the Author of all Good, for His distinguishing kindness to our Forefathers, and to Us— in providing them a refuge from oppression, and protecting them when surrounded with innumerable dangers— in blessing them with Civil Liberty and the light and influence of the Gospel, and disposing them to nurture their Posterity in the love of Learning, Virtue and rational Freedom: In supporting us through the difficulties of the late Revolution, and giving us wisdom to establish Constitutions favorable to Liberty and Happiness. In prospering the administration of Government, and preserving the important life of the Chief Magistrate of the Union— In exempting us, during the last year, from the calamities of War, and from wasting sickness and every desolating Judgment; and in succeeding the labors of the Husbandman, and crowning the year with its Fruits:— and for that degree of protection and prosperity which He has been pleased to afford to our Commerce, Navigation and Fishery:— For the progress of Literature and the useful Arts:— For the numerous bounties of His Providence, and all that variety which supports or delights our lives;— and especially for the blessings of the Gospel of His Son, who has brought life and immorality to light.
proclamation-thanksgiving-day-1800-massachusetts-2And together with these grateful acknowledgments, that we humbly confess our unworthiness and present our supplications to God of Mercy, to pardon our multiplied sins, and continue His protection and favor to the United States;— to guide the National and State Governments in ways of integrity and safety; and preserve the People from faction and licentiousness:— To smile upon our University, and Colleges and Schools of Learning; and prosper our Agriculture, Manufactures, and Commerce:— To promote a spirit of Industry, Sobriety, and Frugality, and the belief and practice of true Religion, that we may have the blessedness of the Nation whose God is the Lord, and the People whom he has chosen for His own inheritance:— That the World may become more worthy of happiness, by the prevalence of humanity and benevolent affections among all the inhabitants of the Earth:— That the peaceful Kingdom of the Redeemer may prevail universally, without rivalship or opposition; and that there may be none to hurt or destroy.

And I earnestly recommend to the people of this State, to abstain from all labor and recreation unsuitable to the solemnities of the said day.

Given at the Council Chamber in Boston, this twenty-sixth day of September, in the year of our Lord, one thousand and eight hundred; and in the twenty-fifth year of the Independence of the United States of America.

Caleb Strong.

By His Excellency’s command, with the advice and consent of the Council.
JOHN AVERY, Secretary.

God save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!