* The Story of Liberty
* Sweet Land of Liberty

By Charles Coffin

* Light and the Glory
* From Sea to Shining Sea
* Sounding Forth The Trumpet

By Peter Marshall
& David Manuel

* We Hold These Truths
By Randall Norman Desoto

* Christianity and the American Commonwealth
By Charles Galloway

* The Roots of the American Republic
By E.C. Wines (Plymouth Rock
* Worthy Company: Brief Lives of the Framers of the United States Constitution
By M. E. Bradford (Plymouth Rock

* Religion and the Founding of the American Republic
By James
H. Hutson

* Faith and Freedom: The Christian Roots of American Liberty
By Benjamin Hart

* Lives of the Signers [Reprint of an 1848 book]
* Original Intent: The Courts, the Constitution, & Religion

By David Barton (WallBuilders)
* The Bible Lessons of John Quincy Adams for His Son
By John Quincy Adams (WallBuilders ebook)

* Defending the Declaration
By Gary Amos

* History of the American Revolution
By David Ramsay (Liberty Fund)
* History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution
By Mercy Otis Warren(Liberty Fund)
* Political Sermons of the American Founding Era: 1730-1805

* American Political Writing During the Founding Era: 1760–1805
(Liberty Fund)

* Christianity and the Constitution
By John Eidsmoe

* Vindicating the Founders
By Thomas G. West

* John Adams
By David McCullough

* Biographical Book Collections

(This list provides some of the good history titles currently
available and is in no way intended to be comprehensive. Most of these books
are also readily available through Amazon
or can be ordered through your local bookstore