Charlie Miller (1850-1955), nicknamed “Broncho Charlie” (this nickname came about as a result of his job of busting broncs for ranchers), was the youngest Pony Express rider at age 11. Later, he worked for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show; fought in WWI at the age of 67; at age 81, delivered letters on horseback from New York City to San Fransisco to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Pony Express; and at age 92, he applied to join the Army for WWII but was turned down.

Below is a poem written about Miller by Howard Clinton Dickinson. Also shown are pictures excerpted from the 1935 book Broncho Charlie. A Saga of the Saddle. The Autobiography of Charlie Miller as told to Gladys Shaw Erskine. (See also a 1931 letter by Charlie detailing his conversion to Christianity.)