Sewing Machine from the Lodz Ghetto

Entrance to Lodz In Poland, the Nazi persecution of the Jews was concentrated at two main centers throughout the Second World War—Warsaw and Lodz. Both of those cities were transformed into large Jewish Ghettos which served as slave labor camps with the express intention of working the Jews to either death or until [...]

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Faith and Lifestyle of Born Again Christians Evaluated in Extensive National Survey

Pastors consider them to be the backbone of the Church. The secular media treats them as the standard bearers of American Christianity. Political candidates think of them as a group to be reckoned with and won over, if possible. Advertisers try to avoid offending them. It is safe to say that born again Christians have [...]

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Christmas Message from Wartime

December 1944 was a key time during WWII. D-Day was over, and the Allied forces were moving forward rapidly, pushing the Nazis out of western Europe and back into Germany. But in mid-December, the Germans began an unexpected assault against the Americans, resulting in the six-week long Battle of the Bulge high in the mountains [...]

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Oration – July 4th – 1826, Cambridge

Edward Everett (1794-1865) graduated from Harvard in 1811. He was ordained a minister in 1814. Everett worked as a tutor at Harvard (1812-184), professor of Greek literature at Harvard (1815-1826), an overseer of Harvard (1827-1847, 1849-1854, 1862-1865), and president of Harvard (1846-1849). He was also a member of U.S. Congress (1825-1835), Secretary of State (1852-1853), [...]

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Oration – July 5th – 1824, Quincy

George Washington Adams - 07/04/1824 George Washington Adams was the oldest son of John Quincy Adams. He graduated from Harvard, studied law, and was a member of the Massachusetts House of Representatives. He died in 1829. AN ORATION DELIVERED AT QUINCY, ON THE FIFTH OF JULY, 1824. BY GEORGE WASHINGTON ADAMS ORATION.The causes of great [...]

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Sermon – House of Representatives – 1864

Byron Sunderland - 01/31/1864 Byron Sunderland was born in Shoreham on November 22, 1819. He served 45 years as Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Washington D.C. Sunderland spoke privately about Christian philosophy with Lincoln. He served as Chaplain of the U.S. Senate, and presided over the wedding of President Grover Cleveland at the [...]

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Oration – July 4th – 1810, Massachusetts

AN O R A T I O N DELIVERED AT NEWBURYPORT, ON THE FOURTH DAY OF JULY 1810. By SAMUEL L. KNAPP. “Justum et tenacem propositi virum Non ivium ardor prava jubentium Non vultus instantis tyranny Mente quatit solida.” NEWBURNPORT FROM THE PRESS OF EPHRAIM W. ALLEN. THE Selectmen of Newburyport, in behalf of their [...]

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