For Americans today, the account of Pearl Harbor and America’s entry into World War II is nothing more than a subject of academic study. But there are still a handful of veterans alive today who were actually part of that epic event. In yesterday’s program on WallBuilders Live, Chief Petty Officer (Ret.) James Womack recounted his remarkable experiences aboard the U.S.S. St.Louis on that fateful day as they battled the Japanese in that devastating American defeat. It is inspiring to hear about the bravery and courage of those who stood in harm’s way on that fateful morning. (If you missed this, or any program on the more than 180 stations across the nation that air WallBuilders Live, you can hear those previous programs on our Archives page.)

As we commemorate this famous “date which will live in infamy,” an excellent prayer to offer on this day is an official Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day Prayer:

Dear Father, on this annual recollection of the Pearl Harbor tragedy, we pray for thy benign blessings and guidance. Enable us to reflect clearly and conscientiously upon our priceless heritage. Let us be determined to guard and preserve it through all trials and difficulties. Help us to be worthy of the lofty ideals for which so many courageous men and women sacrificed so much. Grant us steadfast spirits always to defend our great inheritance for the countless generations yet unborn. Cast thy countenance upon our beloved country, the United States of America. Shelter the inhabitants of our land from all anguish, peril, and gloom. May this blessed haven ever be the citadel of justice, freedom, and brotherhood. May the time not be distant O God, when mankind will live in security and confidence as it is written in the book of thy Prophet Isaiah: “Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” Then the glory of God shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together. Amen

And during this season of giving, some simple ways you can give back to the veterans who have sacrificed so much on behalf of us all include: