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Rick Green is a former Texas State Representative, national speaker, author, and radio host.

Rick travels the nation speaking for David Barton’s WallBuilders organization and Rick and David co-host the national daily radio program, WallBuilders Live!

Rick is the author and executive producer of Constitution Alive!, America’s most engaging and entertaining study of the U.S. Constitution.

Rick is the founder and president of Patriot Academy, which trains young leaders in founding principles as they participate in mock legislative sessions held in state capitols across the nation.

He and his wife, Kara, have 4 kids. Chasing American Legends, is a new TV show that follows their family as they investigate America’s heroes, legends, & legacies.

Visit RickGreen.com for more information on Rick and his family.

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“It is a rare privilege these days to listen to someone who combines a profound knowledge of our nation’s history with a burning passion to promote God’s Kingdom. With warmth and wit, this is exactly what Rick Green does as he sets the record straight on the role that Christianity had in the shaping of our country’s foundation and on how far we have drifted from this foundation. It’s my firm conviction that every Christian needs to be equipped with an understanding of where this nation is headed… I can think of no better person to provide this understanding than Rick Green.”

Pastor Bob Coy, Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale

“Rick is a down-to-earth, passionate speaker, with a heart that truly seeks to honor and glorify God. His presentation is inspiring, and his character is even more so. We were blessed to have him come.”

John Melton, First Baptist Church, Washington, Missouri

“Rick Green has the God-given gift of making the early days of our nation’s history come alive. He reminds us excitingly of our Godly heritage and challenges us with the true intent of the founding Fathers.”

Pastor Don Gilmore , Plymouth Congregational Church, Spokane, Washington

“Your Passing the Torch of Freedom speech was so very well received that it was the talk of the county all weekend. I expect you will receive many requests to deliver similar speeches to others in this area, especially schools. Patriotism is a subject that has too long been missing from the forefront of the education of our youth – and many adults. You are providing a valuable service to this state and nation, and we applaud you.”

Emmett Gloyna, Chairman, Republican Party in Jackson County, Texas

“I was very pleased with Rick Green’s presentation. I thought he was an exemplary speaker, in fact I recommend that any students of communication would benefit from patterning themselves after his format and style, it was that good.”

Pastor Gennarino DeStefano, Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Everyone I have talked to said it was the best speech and that he was the best speaker they had ever heard. Even the first comment of my 16 year old son(who is a very active boy and not given to sitting through speeches) was, ‘I liked that speaker.’ Of course, I’m not referring to only my children. The grandparents and everyone in between raved about Rick. . . I could hardly wait to get home to say how much we enjoyed Rick, his speech, his presence, his personality, his motivation, his enthusiasm, him. . . I could go on and on about comments, but one thing is sure, everyone agrees he was perfect, his message was perfect and spoke to probably everyone there – regardless of ages, and that it was the best speech they had ever heard.”

Cheryl Green, Lufkin, Texas

“The material in this presentation isn’t being taught in schools these days…and if it was, it isn’t this entertaining. We got rave reviews from our clients.”

Thomas Talbott, Executive Vice President, Ambassador Advisors

“Rick Green relates well to an audience from any age group. He brought relevancy to students for being involved in the political in light of our Christian heritage as a nation and moreover our responsibility as Christians to make a difference for the cause of Christ.”

Dana Epperson, Prestonwood Christian Academy

“Rick’s presentation changed the way every member of my church approaches the world around them. People are actually engaging society with the conviction we are a Christian nation. Thanks!”

Pastor Jeff Devine, Corrigan, TX

“People are still talking about the presentation that Rick Green did for us!. . .the presentation itself was excellent. Rick was totally prepared. We could have listened to him all night. Thank you for the opportunity to have Rick be here. We WILL be inviting him back!”

Andre Proulx, Southside Christian Church, Ft Myers, FL