During WWI and WWI, war bonds were sold by the U.S. Treasury Department to help fund the war efforts. To promote the bonds and encourage their purchase by citizens, the government produced posters that would promote patriotism and stir pro-American feelings. Below are some of the official posters printed by the U.S. Government Printing Office; notice that each has a strong religious theme. For example, in the WWII posters, the enemy is attacking the Bible — the book that represented the heart and core of America and her beliefs and values. Notice that in the poster with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, a family is gathered around a cross. Others contain Bible themes and even point to the birth of Christ. Among the WWI posters is a mother and child offering a prayer, and an image of religious leader and hero Joan of Arc. Such messages, conveyed by the official mechanisms of the federal government, were never seen to be unconstitutional nor were they even questioned by citizens. To the contrary, Christian and Biblical principles were seen as indivisible from America.

World War II Posters

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World War I Posters

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